algenladen key visual

Algenladen - Seaweed Store

Algenladen is a German producer and reseller of dried seaweed products. The name translates as ‘Seaweed store’, so it didn’t take us long to agree on a logo in shape of a store sign. However the Client needed much more than just a logo: in order to become a full-right market player they needed full visual identity, illustrations, label designs and clear positioning. 

algenladen logo process
algenladen logo


algenladen label
label design amazon


biggest shop amazon

label design seaweed
probierset design
algenladen probierset
flyer design trifold

trifold flyer design 2

design din lang flyer
design din A4 flyer
design din A4 flyer

What was done:

1. Logo that reveals brand's mood and connection to the sea products. 

2. More than 50 label designs including unique vector illustrations.

3. Banners for, and social media pages.

4. Promotional materials such as flyers, vouchers and mailing templates.

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