Boho-style Fashion Brand

Butterfields, a new clothing and apparel brand from Russia, is aiming at women 35+. It's all about comfort and mixing organoleptic sensations like shaggy wool + shiny silk + coarse linen / hemp. Brand's mood can be described as experimenting, technological, functional and convenient. Same qualities needed to be expressed in a logo.

moodboard 1

Exploring the idea of high contrast materials (wool vs silk) I came up with three logo options.

logo sketch

Thinking of the target audience and usability, we went for the first concept. It looks modern enough and conveys the idea of variable materials, but stays apart from all the 'youngsters' brands.

business card


butterfields color scheme

What was done:

1. Logo design (3 concepts)

2. Adjustments for various assets (horizontal, vertical versions)

3. Brand color palette 

4. Tag & special card design

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