dali leather studio

Rebranding for Dali Leather Studio

Dali is a leather studio in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Producing top quality bags, purses and accessory, they found out that their image on the market is very unclear. The old logo was hard to reproduce on leather due to its thin lines, so a more simple and modern solution was needed.

old logo

Moodboards helped to agree on the general mood of out project.

moodboard dali

After that I proceeded with sketching and trying out different ideas. We agreed that a font logo (no mark or emblem) would work out best, as it will directly promote the company.

Sketches Dali

The final logo concept was derived from one of the draft variants. It uses negative space to convey the idea of hand-made goods, joining the "d" and the "a" with a stitch.

Logo Dali
dali business card

dali options

Logo Dali

Main colors are blue and white; bronze 871C and light yellow as additional options. As for the typeface, it's Futura PT from light to bold, same as in logotype. 

Typo Dali
dali palette

dali icons

Short version of the logo (d with a dot) can be used on very small surfaces or web icons.

dali logo
VK Dali
Etsy Dali
leather logo

dali banner

What was done:

1. Logo design

2. Brand styleguide

3. Set of web icons and banners

4. Gift certificate

Welcome to Dali Studio for high-quality leather products.

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