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Branding identity for Domino Meetup

Domino is a Russian speaking meetup platform in The Hague, Netherlands. It helps people with different backgrounds integrate in the Dutch society and get advice on job hunting, housing, ways to learn Dutch and other social-related topics. DOMINO is not only a game with tiles, it's also an acronym. ДОМик ИНОстранца means 'House of Foreigners', a place where immigrants can find support and do some networking. The founder of the project came with an ambitious task: to create a strong brand and visually express its values such as hospitality, accessibility and ability to support people. 

Sketches Domino

My idea was to combine the dotted tiles with a typical Dutch house, warm and welcoming for all.

Sketches Domino
logo domino meetup
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domino options

Typo Domino
Branding Identity Domino
greeting card

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Instagram design

What was done:

1. Naming, positioning of the brand, definition of main brand values and target audience.

2. Logo design (Russian and English versions)

3. Color palette, typography, infographics, photo & illustration style

4. Social media templates + full visual support for DOMINO instagram/facebook since 2018

5. Promotional materials: flyers, business cards, postcards etc.

Today DOMINO is a well-known meetup platform for Russian-speaking people in the Netherlands. Due to well-thought content and consistency in visual style the community has grown to almost 1500 members. Domino shoots large social events and gets a lot of positive reviews. They have also become one of my permanent clients for graphic design support.