Fulcrum identity

Fulcrum - House of Personal Growth

How do you design an identity for something unique and one of its kind? Fulcrum is a space for meditation, personal growth and self-reflexion. The client needed a fresh and "not-too-esoteric" branding identity which would attract young women who care for mental practices.

moodboard fulcrum

The logo needed to express deepness, transformation and the way from one's inner to the outer world.

logo fulcrum
Fulcrum banner

Fulcrum logo

Fulcrum colors
Fulcrum scene

 Single abstract elements were combined in a more complex pattern.

Seamless pattern Fulcrum
Fulcrum banner

Fulcrum pattern

Stationery Fulcrum
Social media icons 
business card design

What was done:

1. Logo design

2. Brand color palette, font pair, graphic elements, icons and pattern

3. Brand styleguide

4. Business card design

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