luna logo

Logo and visual identity for Luna Community 

Luna is a community for ladies that want to live a balanced life and develop both their business and personality. The client asked me to design an elegant, clean and neat logo that would attract ladies in their 30th - 40th. As usual, we started work with a moodboard:

moodboard luna

The idea to draw a woman's face inscribed in a circle came while analysing the moodboard. There was no need of making too many sketches as it just felt right.

luna logo

Finding the right font was a challenge. Our end choice: Goudy Old Style! 

Luna logomark
Luna colors

Luna fonts

Luna ipad
Luna colors

Luna community

Luna cards

What was done:

1. Logo design

2. Branding identity elements

3. Brand styleguide

To learn more about Luna community, check out hereIf you want to order logo design or ask a question, shoot me an email:

Thanks for your appreciations!