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Branding identity for Olilo

Olilo is a fashion brand from Turkey. Their style is a mixture of casual, sport and glamour. Target audience - youngsters and ladies 50+ that want to look young. The brand is aiming at Eastern markets (Turkey, Russia) with a perspective of global sales.

For this project I put together two moodboards. One went more in sporty direction, with mostly sans serif fonts and bold geometric logomarks; the other consisted of fashion/glam/female brands with their elegant logomarks and serif typefaces.

moodboard 1
moodboard 2
fashion logo
olilo colors

The logomark associates with infinity, but on cut edge gives it an even more interesting meaning. It's an infinity that has a break in it, and it is also a combination of two letters "O". As for colors, rose gold and black were selected to emphasise the femininity of the brand. Beside of that, most of Olilo clothes tend to have these colors. 

Business card olilo
tag label design
branding olilo

What was done:

1. Logo design

2. Brand color palette

3. Business card

4. Tag & embroidery

Thanks for your appreciation!