Book design and illustrations

Rupture is a book by #AlyonaMi - soul poet, life lover and philosopher. That's how she describes her work and our collaboration: I bring some magic from dreamworld, every single day. It is important for me to feel, to sense my environment. This is how I learn and grow. I listen and hear my thoughts, my point of view, my inner voice. I express myself gently via poetry and word play. If you happen to be like me, then join me in my alternative universe. Make yourself comfortable and dive into the surreal explosion of colour by Alla Krikun and expression of my soul in poetry. Stop, submerge, gaze… read in between lines, beyond letters and ideas, drown between the colour changes, and maybe… just maybe you will find hints to ask right questions about mystery of Life. 

rupture key visual
rupture book



For this project I created 25 watercolor illustrations that were post-processed in Photoshop. 

we lost

Each illustration was made the way that we could as well use it for merchandise, for example for postcards.

mother earth

love is everywhere

one day one night

under umbrella
my enemy is me

The book can be downloaded for free at author's page: 

You can also order a hardcover by amazon:

Thanks for your attention and appreciations!